Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome Home

So I know I've been off the radar for a while, but I was so busy packing up one house and moving into another that I had no time to breathe! I've been really stressed out over the move, but it's been nice to be settled down into a bigger place and getting a new routine started. I really like my new house and it's only a couple minutes from the zoo (my favorite place!).

I've only been able to make it to the gym a couple days this past week, but I had my first personal training appointment last week and it went really well! She gave me a plan to work all muscle groups and gave me some really good tips on how to use the gym to my advantage. Not only does the gym provide a good place to burn some calories, but there are some characters there too! The other day I was doing some ab exercises and the guy next to me was BLASTING his music on his iPod enough for me to hear the words and it was sooo bad that I won't even repeat some of the lyrics on here. I was just thinking how can the f word make you do one more squat? Oh well to each their own. Another thing I realized was that people do not know how to dress not only on the street but in the gym too. The other day I was in class and the girl in front of me was bending over and I saw EVERYYTHINNNG because her pants were so see through! I'll just stick to the Old Navy capris and T-shirts.

This weekend will be spent celebrating the 25th birthday of my boyfriend and enjoying the weekend with him! Although I'm excited for all the things I have going on I know the weekend will go so fast and it will be Monday soon. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Rant: Unpacking....for days....
Rave:Having some awesome people to work with helps the days go by.

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