Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Longing for the Digital World

         So I've been moved into my new house for almost a month now and still no cable and internet. Because I have the most amazing luck in the world the same week that I decided to order my new cable/internet service, Verizon decided to go on strike and has continued to be for the last 12 days. Therefore, cable and internet was nowhere in sight for me so yesterday I finally threw in the towel and ordered Comcast instead. the thing that got me the most was that I had to speak to a manager on the phone who did not know how to cancel my order. This got to me because shouldn't an effective manager know how to do all parts of the job? Wednesday is the day that we should have cable and internet and will be re-connected to the world again and I'll hopefully be able to keep up with my blog better.

        On Tuesday I decided to try a different class at the gym that was called "BodyAttack" I guess the name alone kinda gives it away, but this class kicked. my. butt. You literally did not stop moving for an entire hour and afterwards I was so sweaty and exhausted but felt SO GOOD!! There is something about working otu so hard and getting pushed so far that you feel so amazing afterwards. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait to go back!

        Tonight is the season opener game at Heinz Field where the Steelers are taking on the Eagles so I'm taking a day off from the gym and going out with some friends to watch it. Tomorrow starts off what should be a good weekend when I go to the Britney Spears concert!! Can. Not. Wait!

Rant: I wish I would get up earlier in the morning and put more effort in getting ready instead of just wanting to go back to bed.
Rave: I am so excited to have a weekend filled with friends and family!

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