Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't Fall In!

This weekend was very busy, but with all things fun and exciting. My boyfriend was in for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and one of the highlights of the trip was kayaking on the river in downtown pittsburgh! You were able to rent the kayaks by the hour and could see the whole skyline from a completely different view. After our adventure of a day I had to pick up a new shelf for my room in the new house. I wanted a nice sturdy one to store some books and picture frames on and I found a really nice one at Target. After we saw the band Train perform at a firework show after the Pirate Game (see below), we went back to my house to build the shelf at 1am while my roommates were sleeping. Just imagine 2 people both looking at the instructions and the hundreds of pieces that come with this thing and WHISPERING throughout the entire thing. It was quite comical.

*Picture of the lead singer of Train throwing the first pitch at the Pirate game!

I woke up Sunday morning with an awful headache, but was at least able to finish my room (finally) and go out for my best friend Ashley's going away party as she is moving to another state for a job. I hate that my friends with education degrees can't stay close to me- come on PA! It was a weird feeling saying goodbye to her. I never had to go through the transition before of really saying goodbye to people, especially since Pitt wasn't very far from my hometown while I was in college. Right now most of my friends are hours away from me and that's a lot to get used to. Shoutout to all my friends moving on and doing awesome things with their lives! xoxo

Rant: I just wish I could stay home sometimes during the week and sit in my Pjs all day and watch bad tv!
Rave: Love those quality weekends with quality people even if it does make it that much harder to go back to work on Monday

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