Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheers to the Freaking Weekend

So lately I've been reallly missing school. I can't believe it's already been like 4 months since I've graduated...where has all the time gone? To ease the pain a little bit I've already planned a trip to go see my roommate in Philadelphia where she is attending med school over labor day! It's only a week away and it is MUCH needed! I can't wait!

This weekend is the much anticipated house warming/pure romance party at my new house. Should be a very interesting event, but a nice way to show off the house to all our friends. It will be funny to see what kind of "games" they play at this party... a lot of drinks and laughter I'm sure. This week has draggggeddd on so I'm so excited for the weekend! I think I need some retail therapy so shopping sounds like a good activity for tonight especially to rest up for tomorrow night. Cheers to the weekend!

Rant: Dear Scale, why can't you just give me the number I want??
Rave: New friends who make it easier to say goodbye to college and hello to the next adventure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shocked to the Core

Well before I give an update on the normal things happening in my life I need to talk about the EARTHQUAKE that I felt today! It was the weirdest things I've ever felt! One second I was sitting in my chair at work and then it felt like someone came up behind me and shook it! As soon as I heard where the earthquake's center was I made sure to call my closest loved ones who lived that way and thankfully they didn't feel too much more than I did so that made me feel a lot better.

In other news, I think the reality of no longer being in college has finally caught up with me. Yesterday I was around Oakland and saw all the new students moving in, and then I just realized that everyone is so separated and it's never going to be the same way again. One of my roommates made one of my favorite pictures her profile picture this week and it just shows how much fun we had. Don't get me wrong. I'm making more friendships now too, but it's really hard to know that this ending is really just another beginning. I had a breakdown last night and it was really hard. I miss my friends. In the last couple months it feels like they've all been ripped away from me, but I need to remember that they are all starting their own exciting adventures and I am really happy for all of them.

Rant: Not seeing as much results as I want to with this whole self improvement/working out thing, but that's not going to stop me.
Rave: Even though I won't be in college again, it is pretty awesome that I have pictures like this to look to when I miss it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Longing for the Digital World

         So I've been moved into my new house for almost a month now and still no cable and internet. Because I have the most amazing luck in the world the same week that I decided to order my new cable/internet service, Verizon decided to go on strike and has continued to be for the last 12 days. Therefore, cable and internet was nowhere in sight for me so yesterday I finally threw in the towel and ordered Comcast instead. the thing that got me the most was that I had to speak to a manager on the phone who did not know how to cancel my order. This got to me because shouldn't an effective manager know how to do all parts of the job? Wednesday is the day that we should have cable and internet and will be re-connected to the world again and I'll hopefully be able to keep up with my blog better.

        On Tuesday I decided to try a different class at the gym that was called "BodyAttack" I guess the name alone kinda gives it away, but this class kicked. my. butt. You literally did not stop moving for an entire hour and afterwards I was so sweaty and exhausted but felt SO GOOD!! There is something about working otu so hard and getting pushed so far that you feel so amazing afterwards. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait to go back!

        Tonight is the season opener game at Heinz Field where the Steelers are taking on the Eagles so I'm taking a day off from the gym and going out with some friends to watch it. Tomorrow starts off what should be a good weekend when I go to the Britney Spears concert!! Can. Not. Wait!

Rant: I wish I would get up earlier in the morning and put more effort in getting ready instead of just wanting to go back to bed.
Rave: I am so excited to have a weekend filled with friends and family!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So this weekend I went down to Maryland for the weekend to visit Jon while his aunt and uncle visited. Most of the weekend was spent touring the town and spending time near the water. He's only about 20 minutes away from either the Potomac, Patuxent, and the Chesapeake Bay so it always puts me in a good mood! We ate our fill of crab legs and played fun games in the apartment.

Here's a pretty view of the water

And one of the super scary bridges you have to cross! I close my eyes every time!

I'm finally getting into a comfortable routine with the new house and my workout routine. I'm hoping this work week goes quickly because at the end of the week I'm going to the Britney Spears concert! It should be a much needed fun night out especially with having to deal with the fact that everyone is going back to school and now I'm in the "real world" and have to face the fact that I'm no longer in college.

Rant: I hate the inevitable fact that you feel like you're growing apart from friends since everyone is adjusting to grown-up life
Rave: A coworker showed me this sweet website today I've found some awesome recipes and crafts already!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thank god it's Thursday (or better yet my Friday)! I took tomorrow off to take a long weekend and go down to Maryland to visit Jon. It's a 5 hour drive all myself which sucks, but it will be worth it to spend the weekend down by the Chesapeake Bay soaking up some sun (hopefully it doesn't rain). I bought a bluetooth headset last night so I can catch up on my phone calls on the car ride to help pass time. I love taking little mini breaks from regular life and it's nice when I can see the boyfriend too!

I'll try to blog some while I'm down there and post some pictures of the cute little town where he lives! On another note, my best friend is moving to Virginia this weekend as she got a job teaching. I knew it was coming and even went to her going away party this past weekend, but it didn't hit me until today. For some reason as I'm eating some leftover saltine crackers that I had with my soup for lunch today I started to get teared up thinking about her leaving. Most of my close friends are now at least 5 hours away from me and it's an awful, empty, different feeling than I've ever experienced! I know that we all much spread our wings and fly, but can't we all stay a little closer? Until next time xoxo

Rant: People who shouldn't be able to procreate- I read a news story today about a woman in Pittsburgh who police arrested because they found her 3 year old in filth with bug bites all over his body and he tested positive for COCAINE! What is wrong with people in this world??
Rave: My landlord came through and my gas should be turned on by the time I get home! Yay for hot water!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Knew a Hot Shower Would be Such a Luxury?

So yesterday when my roommate and I woke up we could smell gas in our new house. We had smelled it over the weekend, but it was right when we did laundry and we figured it was just because the dryer had not been used for a while. Since we both woke up smelling it, we decided to call the gas company. When they heard me say "smelled gas," they immediately sent someone over to the house and told us not to go inside. Eventually we found out that our dryer was hooked up wrong and gas was leaking out. Thank goodness it was never close to the amount in that air that would be needed to explode the place. Unfortunately it wasn't over there. The gas guy went to check our outside line because he could still smell gas and he found a leak on the outside line which needs to be fixed by our landlord before the gas company will come back and fix it! Let's home this isn't a sign of things to come....

For now I'm just enjoying ice cold showers and no use of my stove-awesome. I guess I'll have to get creative with my microwave and toaster oven. Although yesterday sucked, I got to have dinner with my old roommate and then brought her over to see the new place afterwards. It was really nice to catch up. Tonight I'm excited to go to the gym and then go to buy a bluetooth headset afterwards since I will be driving down to Maryland on Thursday evening and I figure I can catch up on my phone calls to keep me busy! Hope everyone out there is enjoying their hot showers!

Rant: Guess it's obvious, but looks like tonight I'll be taking a shower at the gym!
Rave: I'm thankful I at least have a place to live and electricity!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shake Your Money Maker!

So last night I went to BodyJam at the gym to get a little dance-cardio workout. Usually I really like this class because the people in it are athletic, but not crazy good dancers so we all feel comfortable around each other-until last night. It looked all innocent at first- the girl in front of seemed to get the steps down really well, but nothing too out of the ordinary-until we got to the mambo part. All of a sudden the girl in front of me became a dancing goddess who looked like she wanted to be a back-up dancer for Britney Spears or something! The way she was touching herself all crazy and shaking her hips made me nervous to even look at her! Maybe if I keep going to class I'll look like her someday- HA!

As I took my sweaty self back home, I got a call from my good friend who had just got back from ITALY (pretty much my dream destination) because friends of hers were getting married there. They asked her to go and being there for over a week she only spent $100 TOTAL!! Anyone wanna take me to Italy for their wedding? Ughh I'm totally jealous! I knew that I would end up saying this, but I should have studied abroad during college because I'm itching to go to a different country. Any suggestions on some budget traveling? I'm setting it as my goal right now to go to a foreign country by next year! I think I wanna start here....


Tonight I'm testing out a recipe for my old roommate who is coming over to see my new place. I'll let you know how it comes out. It's a pasta dish with zucchini, onions, and cheese with a breadcrumb topping. YUM. Maybe if I close my eyes I can imagine I'm in Italy tonight!

Rant: Won't have cable or internet at the house until the end of the month and then found out today that the company went on strike! ughhh
Rave: So pumped the house is coming together! Will post pictures soon.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't Fall In!

This weekend was very busy, but with all things fun and exciting. My boyfriend was in for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and one of the highlights of the trip was kayaking on the river in downtown pittsburgh! You were able to rent the kayaks by the hour and could see the whole skyline from a completely different view. After our adventure of a day I had to pick up a new shelf for my room in the new house. I wanted a nice sturdy one to store some books and picture frames on and I found a really nice one at Target. After we saw the band Train perform at a firework show after the Pirate Game (see below), we went back to my house to build the shelf at 1am while my roommates were sleeping. Just imagine 2 people both looking at the instructions and the hundreds of pieces that come with this thing and WHISPERING throughout the entire thing. It was quite comical.

*Picture of the lead singer of Train throwing the first pitch at the Pirate game!

I woke up Sunday morning with an awful headache, but was at least able to finish my room (finally) and go out for my best friend Ashley's going away party as she is moving to another state for a job. I hate that my friends with education degrees can't stay close to me- come on PA! It was a weird feeling saying goodbye to her. I never had to go through the transition before of really saying goodbye to people, especially since Pitt wasn't very far from my hometown while I was in college. Right now most of my friends are hours away from me and that's a lot to get used to. Shoutout to all my friends moving on and doing awesome things with their lives! xoxo

Rant: I just wish I could stay home sometimes during the week and sit in my Pjs all day and watch bad tv!
Rave: Love those quality weekends with quality people even if it does make it that much harder to go back to work on Monday

Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome Home

So I know I've been off the radar for a while, but I was so busy packing up one house and moving into another that I had no time to breathe! I've been really stressed out over the move, but it's been nice to be settled down into a bigger place and getting a new routine started. I really like my new house and it's only a couple minutes from the zoo (my favorite place!).

I've only been able to make it to the gym a couple days this past week, but I had my first personal training appointment last week and it went really well! She gave me a plan to work all muscle groups and gave me some really good tips on how to use the gym to my advantage. Not only does the gym provide a good place to burn some calories, but there are some characters there too! The other day I was doing some ab exercises and the guy next to me was BLASTING his music on his iPod enough for me to hear the words and it was sooo bad that I won't even repeat some of the lyrics on here. I was just thinking how can the f word make you do one more squat? Oh well to each their own. Another thing I realized was that people do not know how to dress not only on the street but in the gym too. The other day I was in class and the girl in front of me was bending over and I saw EVERYYTHINNNG because her pants were so see through! I'll just stick to the Old Navy capris and T-shirts.

This weekend will be spent celebrating the 25th birthday of my boyfriend and enjoying the weekend with him! Although I'm excited for all the things I have going on I know the weekend will go so fast and it will be Monday soon. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Rant: Unpacking....for days....
Rave:Having some awesome people to work with helps the days go by.