Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Knew a Hot Shower Would be Such a Luxury?

So yesterday when my roommate and I woke up we could smell gas in our new house. We had smelled it over the weekend, but it was right when we did laundry and we figured it was just because the dryer had not been used for a while. Since we both woke up smelling it, we decided to call the gas company. When they heard me say "smelled gas," they immediately sent someone over to the house and told us not to go inside. Eventually we found out that our dryer was hooked up wrong and gas was leaking out. Thank goodness it was never close to the amount in that air that would be needed to explode the place. Unfortunately it wasn't over there. The gas guy went to check our outside line because he could still smell gas and he found a leak on the outside line which needs to be fixed by our landlord before the gas company will come back and fix it! Let's home this isn't a sign of things to come....

For now I'm just enjoying ice cold showers and no use of my stove-awesome. I guess I'll have to get creative with my microwave and toaster oven. Although yesterday sucked, I got to have dinner with my old roommate and then brought her over to see the new place afterwards. It was really nice to catch up. Tonight I'm excited to go to the gym and then go to buy a bluetooth headset afterwards since I will be driving down to Maryland on Thursday evening and I figure I can catch up on my phone calls to keep me busy! Hope everyone out there is enjoying their hot showers!

Rant: Guess it's obvious, but looks like tonight I'll be taking a shower at the gym!
Rave: I'm thankful I at least have a place to live and electricity!

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