Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shocked to the Core

Well before I give an update on the normal things happening in my life I need to talk about the EARTHQUAKE that I felt today! It was the weirdest things I've ever felt! One second I was sitting in my chair at work and then it felt like someone came up behind me and shook it! As soon as I heard where the earthquake's center was I made sure to call my closest loved ones who lived that way and thankfully they didn't feel too much more than I did so that made me feel a lot better.

In other news, I think the reality of no longer being in college has finally caught up with me. Yesterday I was around Oakland and saw all the new students moving in, and then I just realized that everyone is so separated and it's never going to be the same way again. One of my roommates made one of my favorite pictures her profile picture this week and it just shows how much fun we had. Don't get me wrong. I'm making more friendships now too, but it's really hard to know that this ending is really just another beginning. I had a breakdown last night and it was really hard. I miss my friends. In the last couple months it feels like they've all been ripped away from me, but I need to remember that they are all starting their own exciting adventures and I am really happy for all of them.

Rant: Not seeing as much results as I want to with this whole self improvement/working out thing, but that's not going to stop me.
Rave: Even though I won't be in college again, it is pretty awesome that I have pictures like this to look to when I miss it.

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