Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thank god it's Thursday (or better yet my Friday)! I took tomorrow off to take a long weekend and go down to Maryland to visit Jon. It's a 5 hour drive all myself which sucks, but it will be worth it to spend the weekend down by the Chesapeake Bay soaking up some sun (hopefully it doesn't rain). I bought a bluetooth headset last night so I can catch up on my phone calls on the car ride to help pass time. I love taking little mini breaks from regular life and it's nice when I can see the boyfriend too!

I'll try to blog some while I'm down there and post some pictures of the cute little town where he lives! On another note, my best friend is moving to Virginia this weekend as she got a job teaching. I knew it was coming and even went to her going away party this past weekend, but it didn't hit me until today. For some reason as I'm eating some leftover saltine crackers that I had with my soup for lunch today I started to get teared up thinking about her leaving. Most of my close friends are now at least 5 hours away from me and it's an awful, empty, different feeling than I've ever experienced! I know that we all much spread our wings and fly, but can't we all stay a little closer? Until next time xoxo

Rant: People who shouldn't be able to procreate- I read a news story today about a woman in Pittsburgh who police arrested because they found her 3 year old in filth with bug bites all over his body and he tested positive for COCAINE! What is wrong with people in this world??
Rave: My landlord came through and my gas should be turned on by the time I get home! Yay for hot water!

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