Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homeless No More!

So this morning I think I forgot my brain at home. I'm been on a huge coupon kick because my mom is really good at using them so I'm trying to learn and do the same to save some moolah. I got coupons in the mail for Bruegger's Bagels and one of them was a free bagel. I was pretty hungry this morning before work so I figured I could use it and knew of one right new work. So I pull up to the "Brueggers" and only realize after I have parked that I was walking into Einstein's bagels. Thank god I didn't try to use the coupon. Then, since I was already half way through the door I had to commit and go in. What a mess! Just gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.

Later today I learned that I will not be living in one of these this year.....

That's right folks, I finally heard from the landlord and I have a place to live! This also means that I won't have to pack up my current house, move stuff into storage, then move it again. One move is a much better option!

In a "bettering myself" update, I had an early dinner last night because I figured I needed to pack and wanted to get a work out done. Well my sister called to invite me to dinner around 7 to see my niece so I went telling myself I wouldn't have to eat anything since I already did- how do you think that went??? I ended up eating like 3 pieces of pizza because it was right in front of me! This week is really stressful and it's hard to eat well when you're trying to get rid of all your food. Here's to next week being better!

Rant: It's really hard to say no to a steaming melty cheesy piece of pizza- even if it means you have to put more gym time to make up for it!

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