Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keep Holding On

So yesterday on my way to the gym I was stuck at a traffic light for 20 minutes because there was an accident ahead of me. When I finally got through that there was a random car show and there was NO parking. By the time I actually parked and got into the gym my class had already started and I couldn't get in. I was instantly pissed off because I hate missing a class. I had to go downstairs on the elliptical instead and my motivation to work is way less by myself compared to when I have someone in a class yelling to work hard. Add this to the fact that I weighed myself and was not happy. Not a good combo. But this was a big reason I started this blog- to receive support and motivation to keep myself honest and work hard towards my goals.

Another huge thing stressing me out these days is my relationship. I guess I haven't introduced this point yet, but I do have a boyfriend who I've been with for 5 years. It's an amazing relationship and we've been through so much that I couldn't imagine being with anyone else. Of course there has been plenty of rough times (I don't live in this imaginary fluffy rainbow-y world) but we have gotten through them together. Here's the kicker- he lives in Maryland. Don't worry, it's not like I met him online and we've been having this weird online relationship from different states for 5 years. I met him at the end of high school through mutual friends  and we started dating. During college we went to different schools about an hour away so it was not that bad and we both still got to have our own experiences at school which I think is a big reason why we are so strong now. When he graduated with his masters in education to teach secondary math, jobs were slim. Education right now is so bad, especially in PA, and he was forced to go to Maryland to accept a job so that he could make an income. I totally supported him in this decision, but now that I have graduated, it has been really hard not to have him around. If I'm lucky, I get to see him about 2 times a month-it sucks. Even though this is a very downer of a post I'll post a picture of us to brighten up this page....Any words of wisdom out there for long distance relationships??

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