Wednesday, July 13, 2011

X-Treme Xercise!

Last week I joined a gym because my logic was if I pay for it I will go (let's hope it stays that way). I joined mainly to take Les Mills classes where you work different parts of your body in different segments set to popular music. Check them out if you're looking for something different to keep your exercise attention. So anyway, I decided to take a different class yesterday called X-treme Step. In my head I said, "Well I've done a step class before so this shouldn't be that bad." Well I found out I was wrong. The word "X-treme" is in there for a reason. There was not one break throughout the 55 minute class and the entire time my feet were moving (for the most part).

I was completely off rhythm when the unthinkable happened....I watched with horror as a girl beside me tripped on her step and fell! I was even more terified when the instructor didn't even notice and kept going. For the rest of the class I found myself going slow so that I wasn't the next victim to fall to that mean step!

In other news, on my way home, I ran into one of my friends who I met in high school and went to college with me as well. I asked him what he was up to post-graduation and such and he told me he was traveling to Guatemala to teach math to 5th graders. I was super pumped that he was doing that, but then it made me think, "What the heck can I say I've done when I look back in 5 years." I haven't went abroad or taught underpriveleged children. In this time of my life I find it hard for me to make sure I'm living out some kind of "purpose." I've been happy lately because I've been getting to work actually awake and on time and then enjoying my gym time in the evenings before I go to bed and repeat.

Well I'm off to go home and enjoy my non airconditioned apartment! Only 2 more days until HARRY POTTER (yes, I'm a Harry Potter geek). Here's me with the HP Castle at Universal Studios!

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