Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You've been De-friended!

           So today I was talking to a coworker about facebook and she asked me how many friends I had. I didn't know the answer to this off the top of my head, but since I had been through college and everything, I guessed a couple hundred. To my surprise I had 782 friends!! 782! I was in shock over this and thought, "There is no reason I need that many friends on facebook, especially because that means 782 people can turn around and look at the things that I am posting!" It just plain creeped me out so I went on a de-friending spree! It was the weirdest thing to scroll through my friend list and see where people were in the world and what their profile pictures said about them. It will be interesting if any of these people turn around and try to friend me again because that would tell me how much they really look at my profile! Gosh Facebook really has a way of being scary sometimes!

        In other news, my lease for my apartment ends in 10 days and the new house my roommates and I thought we had is still there, but the guy just won't get back to us. We've already seen the place and everything and want to move in, but every e-mail and phone call goes unanswered! matter what this is just stressing me out even on my best days. How am I supposed to pack up my life when I don't even know where I'm going? Well I'm headed out of work soon and tonight I'm trying the BodyJam class at my gym which is kind of like Zumba where you dance to popular hits. Should be interesting considering I have no rhythm!

PS. To find good of everyday (or at least try) I'm going to end each post with my Rant and Rave of the day!

Rant:  No place to live in 10 days
Rave: Got some AC pumpin in my apartment! (which is good because it says it's going to 'feel like' 105 tomorrow!)

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