Friday, July 22, 2011

Edge of Glory

The title of this post is a shout out to Lady Gaga, but more importantly to my best friend coming in from out of town this weekend! She is in a wedding in Pittsburgh and I'm going to be her psuedodate! She gets in in less than an hour and I'm just itching to leave work to go and meet her! The one perk I've found about growing up and moving on is having friends who live other places to visit, but them getting to reconnect again because you don't get to see them as much as you used to.

In the great weight loss update, I opted to go to yoga yesterday instead of the class called "BodyAttack" (ya just use your imagination on that one folks and you'd probably be right!), and at my gym they have a bunch of yoga mats to use and I was in a hurry when I left my house so I figured it wouldn't be a problem if I didn't bring my own. OH was I WRONG! I honestly can't make these kinda of stories up so here it goes! BodyAttack happened before yoga and since yesterday Pittsburgh has a heat index of over 105 degrees and the room doesn't have AC you can imagine how hot, and more importantly sweaty, the people were coming out of the class before I went in for yoga. I picked up a yoga mat to use (forgetting the fact that the people before me used them) and right when I was stepping on to get into the first position I felt the feeling of a puddle of SOMEONE ELSE'S sweat under my feet as I stepped on. I almost vomited right there. I tried to pick up another mat, but they were all like that!! Therefore I spent the majority of my yoga class trying to tell the difference between my sweat and someone else's until I just gave up and focused on the 2 hour shower I would take when I would get home.

Cheers to the weekend everyone! I'll probably have a recap on Monday about my weekend, but I hope everyone has a fantastic one and keep cool!

Rant: When it's 100 degrees out and I see someone smoking a cigarette- I mean do what you gotta do, but aren't you just making yourself hotter?
Rave: My best friend will be here in half an hour!!! :-)

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