Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is This Thing On?

Hi everyone and welcome to my very FIRST blog I've ever attempted so bear with me! I decided to start this blog because I am going through a time of my life where everything is changing and I wanted to be in control of this blog to sort out everything and hopefully meet some of you bloggers out there who have some of the same experiences/problems as me.

I decided to title my blog after a quote in Peter Pan, "To live will be a great adventure." I picked this quote because Peter Pan is all about a boy who won't grow up and right now that's how I'm feeling. I just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Health Information Management. I was very fortunate and had a job within a month of graduating, but I miss college so much already and it's only been a couple months!

The next few days after graduation seemed like a continuation of school, but no one had to go to class; I was loving it! Then, people starting to leave, move away, get jobs, and leave our little college bubble to burst out into the real world. Suddenly, everything was changing by the day and I was freaking out! How was I going to function without all of my friends, especially my 3 roommates who I shared everything with for the past 2 years? Luckily I had some friends still with me in Pittsburgh and my family only lives an hour away and they were and always are very supportive of me!

Tacky picture from graduation, but I couldn't help myself! My roommate's dad is a professional photographer and snapped this picture- so precious! As I keep blogging I'll keep introducing you to more things me and take you through some of the problems I go through- losing weight, keeping it off, a long distance relationship, learning how to dress in the corporate world, keeping/losing touch with friends, MONEY (borrowing $70,000 for college seemed like such a good idea at the time), and everything else that comes up. Right now I'm just going to breathe and LIVE, because like the blog title says, it will be a GREAT adventure!


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