Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Little Things

Good Afternoon all!
     Do you ever have those days when you get random compliments and it makes you super pumped. I just got 2 in the last 10 minutes and I'm feeling pretty great. It's so nice to be recognized for work you do every once in a while just to keep you happy and content at work. Also, it's nice to get little random compliments like when our consultant and worked today told me she thought I was funny and reminded her of her best friend. It made me smile :) Definitely my peak of the day!

    In other news I have a new exercise challenge that some friends and I at work have come up with. We made a little chart on a whiteboard with each date and have to either put a check mark (meaning we worked out that day) or an X (meaning we did not). I'm very competitive so I think this will help me get to the gym on days I really don't have motivation because I will have to own up to people at work!

    This past weekend my little sister went to her senior prom!! She looked gorgeous and had a fun time!

Sisters <3
 In other exciting news, Jon is moving home in about two months!!! Finally we are cutting down the distance between us and I can't wait :):) Definitely my peak of the YEAR!

Be thankful everyone :)

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