Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Just a Bill....

This weekend my friend Nico and I went down to Maryland to visit Jon and take a day trip to Washington DC. I feel like every time I go there I see something different and we had beautiful weather as well which added to the fun day! One of my favorite parts was seeing the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The memorial was right on the water and was surrounded by famous quotes.
The memorial

My favorite quote!
We also got to visit a few of the Smithsonian Museums including the Museum of Natural History where I took this pretty cool shot from the second floor.
Oh, and here's another cool shot of the WWII memorial. It was so neat that day because there was a gathering of veterans and it was so awesome to see them all at the monuments telling stories to their families and looking so proud.

The only bad part of the day was waiting for the Metro to come home. Jon lives off the green line which happened to be on the same line as the stop for the Nationals baseball stadium so we had to wait to get on a metro for about an hour underground. It was probably my crankiness talking, but I ended up saying to a lady out loud "We're just a few nice Pittsburgh people trying to get on." Well I did not get a good reaction from that since we're hated by Ravens and Capitol fans, so after that I kept my big mouth shut!

My peek of the day today is my lunch! I bought a salad bowl at a local plant sale a couple weeks ago and finally had enough lettuce to pull off and eat. YUM!

Here's one last pic to leave you with :) We're always silly!

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