Friday, June 29, 2012

"You're Still the One"

So Tuesday was my 6 year anniversary with Jon!! I can't believe it's been that long, but it has really been the best 6 years of my life. He makes me smile every day even if I'm not around him. Here's a recent picture of the two of us from a wedding a couple weeks go. Aren't we a great couple?? :)

For our anniversary we went to this awesome italian restuarant in Pittsburgh called Picolo Forno! We had an amazing homemade pizza that was made in a brick oven right in front of us then lasagna that pretty much melted in your mouth! After all the good food I gave Jon his gift- a cooking class that him and I will be going to in a few weeks! You get to learn how to cook a 5 course meal then eat it! YUM!

He was pumped!

This weekend will be filled with family, food, and fun as it is the annual 4th of July festival in my town. There is always a bunch of yummy food and cool crafts. The only downside is that we are supposed to have record heat this weekend so more of my time will be spent by the pool :)

My peak of the day today is all this time I'm about to have with my family that I don't get to see that often because in the end family is always there for you.


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