Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Prom Night!

Hi all!

So this weekend I have a bachelorette party to go to and all the girls are required to wear pink. Well, when I went into my closet, I realized I hardly have anything pink, especially something to go out in. Fast forward to my lunch break yesterday where I ran to the amazing Target in East Liberty and it just proved AGAIN that Target is amazing and has everything you could ever need! I not only found one pink shirt but TWO! I'll have to post a picture next week of which one I decided on! Seriously though, I'm learning that if you need something specific it's easy to go to Target because they have so many choices!
Obviously in pink...It will be really good with a good black pair of pants

Looks a lot cuter on then it did on the hanger...would definitely buy a good long necklace for this one!   

Also reminded me of something funny I pinned on Pinterest the other day, because although Target is good for having what I need, they are also infamous for making me buy things I don't.
So true!!

  On top of my awesome buys from yesterday, my peak of the day today is that I am so excited to volunteer tonight because it is PROM night at CHP and I can't wait to have fun with all the kids. It's such a great thing that the hospital throws such great events to entertain the kids and make them have fun!


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