Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where is the summer going?

Does anyone else feel like the summer is flying by? I feel like it was just June and now it's almost the middle of July! Work is super busy right now so I've been all over the place and it's making the summer go even faster! :( So because I am already dreading the winter blues, I've decided to make a Summer Bucket List with the things I want to get done before this summer is over. I was lucky enough to plan a spontaneous trip to Chicago next week to meet my college roommates so it will be nice to get away and reminisce about the good times!

Summer Bucket List 2012
-Float down the river (with a floating cooler of course!)
-Drive Ins
-Cedar Point
-More Cookouts
-Read more books
-Farmers Markets

Anything you need to do before summer ends??

As for an update on my weight loss and exercise- I was able to do 3 miles today in 39 minutes! Hey I know that may not be a 10 minute mile, but I am damn proud of it!! I've been trying to avoid the scale, but I guess I better look soon to see if I've had any more progress. (cross your fingers!!)

Peak of the day: Getting all my laundry done and seeing my room clean again! (Hey, it may be simple but if you focus on the stress you'll have no time to be happy!)

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