Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Things Coming

So I weighed myself for the first time in weeks yesterday. I expected the worse, so as I stepped on to the scale (it's one of those non-digital ones where you push around the weight) and I put it on a big even number I assumed I weighed over. To my surprise the lever dropped and I realized I had to move the scale down. So I kept moving it and kept moving it and it finally reached the middle only after I had moved the scale down SIX POUNDS! Hell ya! I wanted to shout right there in the middle of the locker room (but I had a feeling people would stare). I even stepped off and stepped on again and it was still the same number! It's really nice to see work pay off- in fact when I get positive results it makes me want to just keep going!

Of course after I have this awesome progress, I have two separate vacations coming up in the next two weeks and if there is one thing we do on vacation it is eat. A lot. I'm going to try to be smart and only have one big meal a day but eat healthy the rest of the day. Stay tuned haha.

Tomorrow night I leave for CHICAGO to meet up with a couple of my best friends and have a little reunion! I'm so pumped because although I've been to Chicago a bunch of times since I have family there, I've never went with friends (and while being 21). Here's to hoping I come out alive! :)

Peak of the day: So my peak of the day will be going to a cooking class that I bought a while back for Jon for our anniversary. He LOVES to cook so I'm sure we will have a blast! I'll post pics soon! :)


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