Monday, February 27, 2012

"We'll be Glowing in the Dark" (Courtesy of Coldplay)

I was jamming out to Coldplay today at work hence my blog title for day. They are one band that I can go months without listening to, but when I finally too it's like we had never parted ways. Oh by the way, the title is from their song Charlie Brown off their new album Mylo Xyloto- Check it out!

Ok, now that I'm done pimping out Coldplay, I'll give you a lowdown of the weekend. It was mostly food (what else it new) and spending time with good friends. On Saturday, my friend Kelly and I ventured out to the mall to get me a birthday outfit (turning the big 2-3 a week from today!!) so we obviously got hungry and decided to try a Thai place that I had heard a lot of good things about. Smiling Banana Leaf was a cute hole in the wall restaurant and the food was AMAZING and BYOB. They don't charge you a corking/glass fee which is a plus! Even if you've never had Thai or had a bad experience, go here and your world will be rocked!

Update on my weight loss journey: I lost another pound this week at the gym and I'm beginning to see and feel the changes to my body now that the nasty fat is hitting the road! Seriously the best feeling in the world- I'd rather feel like this than eat a huge piece of chocolate cake any day!

I've been finding these motivational sayings/pictures on Pinterest lately so maybe I'll start to share some with you guys!

I've been telling everyone about finding their little "peak" of their day and it's really been keeping me positive and upbeat! My peaks this weekend really revolved around the fact that I have some pretty amazing friends that I'm learning will be there for me through everything. I got a really nice call from one of my best friends Julie who currently lives in California and it was really nice to hear someone say "I really miss you." I'm actually going to visit her at the end of March (33 days!!!)

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